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Like Poseidon controls entire oceans, us aquascapers like to control every detail of our beloved scapes.

Our Story



Simply because it's the most fascinating element


Without it there would be nothing


The main ingredient of every aquascape


Water can take many forms and never goes out of fashion


Your Passion is Our Passion

We call to Poseidon, great son of Kronos and beautiful Rhea, lord of waters fresh and briny, king of the broad blue seas and of each sweet spring and fountain that issues from the earth. Poseidon, trident-bearer, mighty one, master of the beasts of the sea, companion of the ocean-nymphs, yours is the source of life, the water and the salt, yours are the treasures beneath the waves. Good friend of the sailor and the fisherman, granter of food and riches to mankind, Poseidon, we call to you.If ever we have honored you, treated our aquascapes in reverence and love, O great ones, deathless ones, hear now our prayers, grant now your blessings. Praise be to you!

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Help! So I have an algae outbreak that I’ve been trying to deal with but it won’t go away...

Algae outbreaks can be very frustrating. In the end it's all about balance.

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Balance can be restored and the most severe algae outbreaks will stop plaguing your aquarium. But it takes time.
All you need to do you'll find in our blog