Bucephalandra Biblis Green


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Bucephalandra’s are the slow-growing plants of Borneo, where they grow on rocks in fast-flowing streams.
They have strong roots that allow the plants to adhere well to stones and wood.

These powerful plants thrive in many water parameters.
There are many different types, but there are also differences in color of the leaf per species. For example, a more reddish bucephalandra can create a purple-blue-metallic glow. Some get, over time, tiny white dots that look spectacular.

This beautiful bucephalandra grows best on stone or wood. Biblis green is a relatively small bucephalandra form with a creeping growth and attractive green color. Like all other bucephalandra’s, this form also comes from the island of Borneo. The rhizomes are relatively strongly branched and grow horizontally. The elongated, almost rectilinear, curved leaves have a blunt tip and are short petiolate. They are about 3 cm long and 7 mm wide. The leaf margin is slightly wavy. The upper side of the leaf is somewhat shiny and can show a metallic blue glow. The bucephalandra biblis green is very interesting because of its low, creeping growth and beautiful brown-red hues. With its small size, it can also be used in nano aquariums.