Helping your Aquarium to stand out

Looking for the right hardscape and plants can be a tedious job. Not finding the desired products can be frustrating.


Our Story

Picking The Right Materials

Poseidon Aquascaping can help find the right pieces. You also can place a custom order to let us build your hardscape to your specific needs.


Years of Experience

We've been in the hobby for quite a while. Knowing what to look for, we pick our items with the greatest care.
So we can assure you that our products fit the needs of the demanding aquascaper.



We're based in a town next to the beach. Poseidon is god of the sea and water in general. At the beach, there's also a statue of Poseidon overlooking the sea...


And Poseidon is in charge of storms as well, roughing up the sea and providing us with good waves and wind to surf or kitesurf.
Being such an important mack, it was clear we had to honor his name in our store.


Making spaces for incredible work —


We try to get you the best items for a competitive price.


Our plants are all grown submerged. So the plants don't have to evolve to their submerged stage after planting them in the aquarium.


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